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[ psst quigley, duncan, or olaf, i'm terrible ]

[ brother klaus ]
[ sister sunny ]

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[ dude with warts ]
[ dudelady ]

[ ! what ! ]

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violet is a sixteen year old teenager that stands roughly at about five six or five seven depending on her boots. she has dark hair that goes past her shoulders slightly that she keeps tied up in a ribbon whenever she is inventing something. she is rather slender and
is wearing a dark purple trenchcoat with golden buttons down the entire front, black boots, and dark purple leggings underneath. the coat roughly reaches to her knees. she has dark eyes and bangs with her rather curly hair. her skin complection is pale.

violet is more of a introspective person. she loves to invent things and fix problems. she is the oldest baudelaire who has been placed with taking care of here two younger siblings and trying to protect them from count olaf [ the series' villian ] who in the first story only wanted to marry violet not for her beauty or his love for her, but for the large baudelaire fortune. it failed. she may seem a little distant. she doesn't trust a lot of people right off the back but will show them politeness for that is how she was raised. she loves nothing more but to invent things. she loves talking all about gears and levers. she certantly not a normal teenager.

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"The way sadness works is one of the strange riddles of the world. If you are stricken with a great sadness, you may feel as if you have been set aflame, not only because of the enormous pain, but also because your sadness may spread over your life, like smoke from an enormous fire. You might find it difficult to see anything but your own sadness, the way smoke can cover a landscape so that all anyone can see is black. You may find that if someone pours water all over you, you are damp and distracted, but not cured of your sadness, the way a fire department can douse a fire but never recover what has been burnt down.”"

― Lemony Snicket, The Bad Beginning

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Violet Baudelaire
.The World is Quiet Here. - [ V.F.D ]

Our days are numbered in a world of fools.
We feel the hunger and follow no ones rules.
Everybody wants eternal life, nobody can seem to get it right.
Our !days! are n u m b e r e d and you're no fool, nobody's fool.
[ days are numbered, black veil brides ]

Divider by Canzeda

name - violet baudelaire
age - 16
gender - female
height - five seven
weight - 125 pounds
eye color - dark grey
hair - dark brown
position - oldest baudelaire orphan , inventor
face claim - india eisley

✓ professional inventor
✓ polite to everyone
✓ hair ribbons
✓ very clever
✓ oldest baudelaire orphan
✓ hair ribbons
✓ grape juice

✘ getting wet
✘ alergic to peppermint
✘ forgetting
✘ the fear of falling
✘ not knowing how to do something

 photo tumblr_m6cxt1O0MT1qbbrcro1_500_zps43feb303.gif

[ hey guys , victoria here , and bringing you violet baudelaire. so, stop by and roleplay i guess.
india eisley is a very pretty lady. everyone else that had the right hair had too dark of skin
color. so she was perfect for older violet ]


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